We love to help you bring any environment to life with indoor plants, fuss free and lovingly delivered to your door. Shop online at Plant and Pot NZ for our beautiful variety of indoor and outdoor plants and Pots.

Why get a indoor Plant?

At Plant and Pot NZ we recognise that Indoor plants are proven to be good for your health. Firstly, as we breathe out our nasty carbon dioxide, plants essentially do the opposite. They breathe in our carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. Oxygen is what we need to survive, so us and plants work in harmony. As a matter of fact, Research has been carried by NASA, supports the fact that, houseplants remove up to 87 per cent of air toxin in 24 hours. Coupled with these facts, if that doesn’t amaze and fascinate you right there, then just the beauty that they can evoke to the beholder, should be enough to own a plant today.

Your Plant needs a Pot?

Style your eye-catching plants with our range of contemporary pots and planters. You can jazz up even the most dull and prosaic rooms. Why not have fun by contrasting different colours and styles with a plant you love. We have a range of planters that are made from fiberglass. They are robust and excellently crafted. In addition, we also do ceramic pots, to give your plant a sophisticated look.

Choosing the right plant for you.

Fostering a plant sometimes needs consideration, as each plant has different needs. For example, some plants do not like a lot of sun, therefore a plant positioned near a window where it only assimilates a few hours of sun-light would be best for a ZZ or a Monstera. To contrast, the Laurens Rainbow and the Orchid, would require full sun-light, so positioning them in a window with full sun all day would be best practice.

Note: If there is a plant you just love and you can not find it on our website, then please contact us at hello@plantandpot.nz or telephone on 027 362 2850, as the chances are, we could hunt it it down for you!

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