indoor plants

  • Belly Basket with Lipstick Plant

    Lipstick Plant

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  • Long Leaf Fig in White Pot

    Long Leaf Fig in White

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  • Split Leaf Philodendron in Gift Box (also known as Monstera Deliciosa)


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  • Peperomia Obustifolia in White

    Peperomia Obtusifolia

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  • Cupid Peperomia, Peperomia Scandens

    Peperomia Scandens

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  • Tradescantia Zebrina in Hanging Pot

    Tradescantia Zebrina

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  • Ficus Louis in Black Pot with matching saucer

    Ficus Louis

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  • Tradescantia Zebrina in Black Pot

    Tradescantia Zebrina in Black

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  • Ficus Benjamina also known as the Weeping Fig, lovely fine foliage

    Weeping Fig

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