nude indoor plants

Buy indoor plants online and get fresh pot plants lovingly delivered to your door in selected Auckland areas.

Ready to add to your existing pot or planter.  If you want plants in contemporary pots, click here to be inspired.

Delivery is free when you spend $99 or more on plants or pots. Check our Auckland plant delivery map to make sure you are in our delivery zone.

Please order by 9.30am for same day plant delivery (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

  • Split Leaf Philodendron in Gift Box (also known as Monstera Deliciosa)


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  • XXL Peace Lily

    XXL Peace Lily, 1m tall

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  • Anthurium-Cavalli-Purple

    Anthurium Utah

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  • Boston Fern 'Fluffy Ruffles'

    Boston Fern ‘Fluffy Ruffles’

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  • Calathea Rufibarba

    Calathea Rufibarba

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  • Ficus Louis in Black Pot with matching saucer

    Ficus Louis

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  • Foxtail Fern Large

    Foxtail Fern, Large

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  • Tall Dracaena Marginata with kinky trunks

    Kinky Dracaena

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  • Ficus Benjamina also known as the Weeping Fig, lovely fine foliage

    Weeping Fig

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