Our story

Welcome to Plant & Pot NZ Limited, a small local business in the Auckland region! Passionate about bringing you the very best quality plants with that little twist of quirkiness.

We aren’t only plant lovers here at Plant & Pot NZ. We stand by the superhero powers that greenery holds. We’re here to encourage the mood-lifting and health benefits that the integration of plants provides your home. We are very proud and happy to bring you the most pleasing collection.

Uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence

We only work with the best of the best nurseries and growers from across New Zealand. Honestly speaking, we are perfectionists and super selective.

We maintain that it is a fundamental human right for all persons to have access to the joy of tending green life. New stock arrives weekly, inspiring fresh ideas in your head for your new favorite addition to our ever-evolving collection. We are constantly refining our range and take on board your feedback, always looking for improvement based on what’s new and now in the ever-changing landscape of fashion trends. Your satisfaction and delight are our main priority. We go out of our way to help you find that perfect green friend for your space.

Do not hesitate to contact our team of zealous plant lovers if help is required.

We call ourselves “Plant Hunters”. ecause we have decided on a particular plant or pot style. Everybody should consider us your trustworthy plant detectives. We will turn every stone for your desire to have a plant. Come and take this fabulous green journey with Plant & Pot NZ Limited. Where passion meets professionalism and quality is king. Let us help you turn your space into a flourishing oasis of beauty.