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Bring your space to life with indoor house plants, fuss free and lovingly delivered to your home in inner Auckland areas.  Shop online for indoor plants.

Be inspired by our range of contemporary indoor pots and planters, delivered to urban addresses across the North Island.

Delivery is free when you spend $99 or more on plants or pots. Check our Auckland plant delivery map to make sure you are in our delivery zone.

For same-day plant delivery, please order by 9.30am Monday to Friday. *** Note: we are closed for deliveries over the extended Easter and Anzac Day period (Friday 19 April to Thursday 25 April inclusive) ***

  • Close up of Calathea Orbifolia leaves

    Calathea Orbifolia

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  • golden-pothos-in-pure-white-pot-19cm

    Golden Pothos in White

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  • Heart Leaf Philodendron, Philodendron Scandens, Sweetheart Plant, Heart Shape Philodendron

    Heart Leaf Philodendron

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  • Hoya Carnosa


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  • Kentia Palm in Tall White Pot (Pillar)

    Kentia Palm in Pillar

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  • Foliage Close Up - Rubber Tree Black Knight

    Rubber Tree ‘Black Knight’ – Triple

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  • Aloe Black Gem in Akiko Plant Pot small

    Aloe in Akiko

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  • Ctenanthe Amagris Foliage Close Up


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  • Ficus Lyrata

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

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  • Heart Leaf Philodendron in Helsinki Pot large

    Heart Leaf in Helsinki

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  • Kentia Palm in Black Pot

    Kentia Palm in Black

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  • Peperomia Puteolata in Pure White Pot 16cm

    Peperomia Puteolata in White

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