Alocasia Bambino


Alocasia Bambino is one of the most unique looking house plant, that at first glance, you would believe its artificial.

With its beautiful arrow-like leaves, growing no taller than 30cm and easy to care for, the Alocasia Bambino make the perfect addition to any home or workspace.

We have beautified the Alocasia with our ceramic Berlin Pot.



Alocasia Bambino has to be one of the best ornamental species in the Alocasia family. It has delightful green leaves that are purple underneath and have a bright, cool venation on the surface. They’re elegant, beautiful and relevantly easy to take care of indoors.

Alocasia Bambino is nothing less than the perfect option for anyone looking to own their very first houseplant.

Alocasia plants belong to tropical and subtropical areas of the world, making them happiest in an environment that mimics the humid and warm environment that it is native to them.

Alocasia Bambino will not grow tall when kept indoors, averaging around 30cm.

Care instructions:

Bright light and indirect light for at least 6 hours a day works best for the Alocasia Bambino.

Watering is required on a regular basis, as they do not tolerate dry soil, so it is best to water when half the top of the soil dries out. Use well drained potting mix.

Proper nutrition regiment will assist your Alocasia to produce big, beautiful leaves. Fertilizing is important when your plant is actively growing. Use a ¼ diluted complete liquid fertilizer.

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Plant Only | or Plant & Pot

Anthurium and Alocasia bundle, Plant only, With pot as photographed


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