Alocasia Elephant Ears in White


He’s a showoff and isn’t he impressive in this white pot?

Alocasia Elephant Ears (aka Alocasia wentii) has glossy green leaves have its family’s classic broad shape and feature a slightly ruffled texture and purple-hued undersides.

This lush plant is a fast grower, delivering you a tropical vibe for summer.  It loves a bright warm area with indirect light.  Keep soil moist but not wet, and ensure the plant has good drainage.

Feed once a month during spring and summer.

We’ve paired this plant with our white cylinder Pot. This lovely pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass.

**Please note, we only have egg pot available**

Pot dimensions: 26cm


*** Please note the plant is in a black plastic nursery pot, inside the pot.  Let us know in the delivery instructions if you would like the drainage hole in the pot sealed for indoor use. ***

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