Alocasia Elephant Ears in Bianca


He’s a showoff and isn’t he impressive in this white pot?

Alocasia Elephant Ears (aka Alocasia Microrrhiza) has very large pure green leaves with distinctive veining, and strong stems.

This lush plant is a fast grower, delivering you a tropical vibe for summer.  It loves a bright warm area with indirect light.  Keep soil moist but not wet, and ensure the plant has good drainage.

Feed once a month during spring and summer.

We’ve paired this plant with our warm white Bianca Egg Pot. This lovely pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass. It has a smooth speckled stone-like texture. Pot dimensions: 50cm diameter and -tbc-cm tall.

*** Please note the plant is in a black plastic nursery pot, inside the Bianca pot.  Let us know in the delivery instructions if you would like the drainage hole in the Bianca pot sealed for indoor use. ***

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