Anthurium Pink


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This delightful houseplant will captivate your every waking day with its shiny shields of love. So what more could you want then to own such a beauty?

We have beautified this Anthurium with our white and gold pot and green glitter stones.

Pot dimensions:  12cm x 14cm tall.

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  1. The Anthurium Pink is a indoor plant that will draw you in with its scintillating and beautiful colours. Mother nature really did show off her mystical assets with this beautiful house plant.

This plant has over 1000 species making it the largest genus in the arum family, Araceae. With its fascinating  tropical appearance and the plethora of colours, they can be as diverse as they are stunning. Some Anthurium’s can be purple, white, red and pink, therefore dignifies any home or works space.

The Anthurium Pink has unique heart-shaped leaves. This symbolises hospitality and happiness, therefore it is perfect for sending as a gift to your loved ones. In Greek, Anthurium means ‘tail leaf’. And they are also known under different names such as, Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower, Flamingo Lily, or Tail Flower.

Lucky for us, they flower all year round. The flowering extends over a number of months, each bloom lasting for many weeks. This ultimately,  makes it an easy first-time house plant. Because if flowering did not go well, the new leaves will be forming in no time.

Care and watering instructions:

Being a tropical plant from South America, the perfect ambience for this plant would be indirect sunlight, warm conditions and and high humidity. Mist with a water sprayer regularly and wait until the top of the soil begins to dry before reapplying the water mister.

Make sure when repotting, you have aeration with plenty of drain holes in the pot as they can be prone to root rot so go easy on the watering and never fully saturate the plant.

This plant does not require a great deal of fertiliser therefore, feed every 3 to 4 times a months.

***Do not ingest this plant as it can be toxic to humans, therefore, best to keep away from curious pets and children***


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