Crissie Fern


The Asplenium Crissie fern photographed in a chic white pot.

This easy-to-care-for fern looks fabulous on the floor or on a low bench so that you can look down on its lovely bright green form.

Asplenium Crissie is part of the ‘birds nest’ fern family featuring an open bowl-shape of arching fronds with wavy margins. As the plant grows the ends of the fronds become branched to form a distinct elk-horn look.

Asplenium Crissie likes a warm bright spot, humidity and moist soil. Regularly fertilise during growing season.

You have the option of pairing this fern with our warm white Bianca Pot with a smooth stone-like texture. It is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass with no drainage hole. Pot dimensions: 25cm tall x 26cm diameter at the widest point.

This fern is still young and will eventually grow to 50cm diameter and 50cm tall, approximately.