Outside or In: Big Bangy

*** In 2022, Bangalow Palms will be banned from sale in the Auckland Region. Please choose an alternate palm variety ***

The strong arching fronds of this tall Bangalow Palm will give your space an instant tropical vibe.

It is easy to care for and prefers a warm and bright environment with moderate humidity. Water twice weekly.

Some direct sunlight for one to two hours a day is ideal. If inside, position under a tall skylight or near an east or west facing window. If outside, this palm is ideally positioned in a spot with shade for most of the day – some early morning or late afternoon sun is perfect.

This plant is approximately 2m+ in height and still growing. It is a good alternative for those who want instant height, giving you the look of a mature Kentia Palm for much less cost.

Current price is for the plant only.

*** Please contact us if you are also interested in the grey pot photographed ***

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