Bird of Paradise in White Ceramic


The large green-blue leaves of the Bird of Paradise plant give your space a tropical feel.

These plants deliver to the Palm Beach trend and are a great alternative to the messier Banana Palm.

The current variety is Strelitzia Nicolai (bigger broader leaves than photographed, the Giant Bird of Paradise).

Strelitzia Nicolai like a warm and bright indoor position. They are very easy to care for, water weekly and allow the top of soil to dry out slightly between waterings.  Unlikely to flower indoors.

Current plants have 2 to 4 large blue-green leaves. Plant height is approximately 90cm to 1 metre from the bottom of the pot to the leaf tip.

We've paired this plant with our large warm white ceramic pot with matching with saucer.  Simple yet stylish with a glazed satin finish. Pot dimensions: 26cm diameter and 28cm tall.

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