Bird of Paradise


The large green-blue leaves of the Bird of Paradise plant give your place a tropical feel.

These plants deliver to the Palm Beach trend and are a great alternative to the messier Banana Palm. This variety is Strelitzia Nicolai, the Giant Bird of Paradise.

Likes a warm shady outdoor position (or a warm indoor position with bright indirect light).  Easy to care for – water regularly in summer and allow the top of soil to dry out slightly between waterings.  Unlikely to flower indoors. They will grow fast in ideal conditions with regular feeding.

If grown indoors, you should regularly wipe the top and underside of the leaves with a damp cloth to reduce the risk of bugs.

Current plant height is 100cm to 120cm approximately from the bottom of the pot to the leaf tip. Plants are supplied in a 25cm black plastic pot with drainage.

Price is per plant.

*** These plants look amazing in the Allure pots shown below ***

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