Black and Gold Cylinder Pot


Perfect for a feature plant on the patio or indoors.

This Scandi style Black and Gold Cylinder Pot (RHS in photograph) is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass. It is pure black and has a smooth matt finish.

Two different sizes to choose:

Pot dimensions: 33cm tall x 34cm diameter at the widest point. Internal diameter (hole) at top is 28cm.

Pot dimensions: 41.5cm tall x 44cm diameter at the widest point. Internal diameter (hole) at top is 36cm.


***Plant not included***

Weeping Fig

A classic for good reason, the fine green foliage of the Weeping Fig adds softness to interior spaces.

Also known as Ficus Benjamina, the Weeping Fig likes a warm draft-free room with bright indirect light.  Our current variety is Ficus Benjamina 'Exotic Monique' which has smaller leaves than photographed with a slightly wavy edge.

Water only when the top of the soil feels dry.  Mist the foliage regularly with water as this plant likes humidity.

This tree has 3 plants per pot to create a bushy effect.  Current plants are 100cm tall approximately including the height of the pot.

Supplied in a 25cm black plastic nursery pot with drainage (8 litres approximately).

Additional information

pot size


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