Black and gold Planter, 12cm


This beautiful black and gold stoneware planter is a great size for tabletop plants and has a cute little fantail design.

There is a hole in the base for drainage and a matching saucer. Dimensions: 12cm diameter x 14cm tall

***Plant not included***

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Alocasia Frydek

🌿 Meet Fred, Your New Green BFF: Alocasia Frydek! 🌿

Dazzle your space with this lush, velvety loveboat of a plant. Big, bold leaves? Check. Easy-care vibes? Double-check. Plus, it comes cozied up in a chic bamboo-style fiberglass pot. Get ready to turn every spot into a tropical hotspot with your exhilarating Green Velvet Alocasia. Love your life and let your the leafy green adventures begin! 🚀🍃

**Plant not included, plant only**