Black ZZ Plant


The Black ZZ plant is incredibly Fascinatingly decorative – the almost black leaflets of lucky feather ‘Black’.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (ZZ)

The Black ZZ also proves to be an absolutely low-maintenance and undemanding plant in daily coexistence, which decorates your living spaces without you having to constantly do anything. Give Lucky Feather ‘Black’ the chance right now to become a spectacular eye-catcher in your living environment!


The Black ZZ plant – feather of happiness (Zamioculcas Raven) belongs to the family of arum and is originally from East Africa. The houseplant is often used as an office plant, as it requires very little care. It grows tight, upright, and averages between 40 and 70 centimeters tall. With good care, they can grow up to one meter high.

Learn more about the lucky feather!
In summary, Zamioculcas Raven is an impressive lucky feather variety that has similar care characteristics as the Green ZZ. The biggest difference between the two species is the colour of the leaves.


Pot size:                    20 cm

Color:                         dark green, black
Growth:                    habit upright
Special features:  succulent, easy to care

Position:                   sunny, semi-shady, shady
Watering:                 recommendation Little

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