Boston Fern in White Mr Kitly


Ready for summer. The classic Boston Fern in a Mr Kitly self-watering plant pot. 

This Boston Fern has cascading fronds and looks great on a vanity, side-table or plant stand.  It likes to be kept moist so is perfectly paired with this self-watering plant pot, especially as temperatures start to rise.

Like most ferns, the Boston Fern likes moderate to bright light but not direct sunlight.

Modern and lightweight, the Mr Kitly self-watering plant pot has a low-sheen satin finish and is made in Melbourne from BPA free plastic.  The self-watering system helps to take care of your plants – water the plant from above or using the water-well down below (or both).

Pot dimensions: 17cm diameter x 14.5cm tall (10cm planting depth).

Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Plant Pot 17cm

*** Product update  ***

Mr Kitly no longer wholesales these pots to NZ retailers, so your best bet is to order these directly from Mr Kitly Melbourne.

We love the range of colours (and sizes).

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