Calathea – Makoyana in Planter


Calathea Makoyana: A Mesmerizing Dance of Patterns! 🌿✨

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🌱 Why You’ll Love It:
Calathea Makoyana, or as we like to call it, “Nature’s Marvel”, is not just a plant. Oh no, it’s a statement! Flaunting the plant kingdom’s most splendid patterns, this green gem is ready to jazz up your space like no other. And guess what? It doesn’t just sit pretty; it purifies your air too! So while you’re admiring its beauty, it’s secretly working to give you a fresher breath. Talk about multitasking!

Pot deets: Comes snug in a 16cm grey or white ceramic pot the choice is yours. Just pop it in the notes on the order form.


🌱✨ Meet the Calathea Makoyana: Nature’s Marvel! ✨🌱

Ever thought a plant could dance? This one does—with mesmerizing patterns on every leaf. But wait, it doesn’t just flaunt—it purifies your air! Breath fresh, live stylish.



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🌿✨ Calathea Makoyana More than just a plant, it’s a vibe!💃

  • Mesmerizing patterns? ✅
  • Air purifier? ✅
  • Stylish home statement? ✅


  • Light Love: Our Calathea is a tad bit shy! It loves medium to bright indirect sunlight. So, no direct spotlight, please!
  • Thirst Level: This beauty prefers sips over gulps. Aim for a soil that’s like a good brownie – slightly moist. No flooding zones, please!
  • Vacay Vibes: Imagine a beach, sans the beach. This plant loves warmth, with temperatures chillin’ between 18-23°C.
  • Feed Me, Seymour: A little nibble of low-dose foliage fertiliser during the grow season will keep this stunner happy.
  • Growth Spurt: Be prepared for some growth magic! This one can stretch up to a majestic metre.
  • Breathing Buddy: Helps clear out those sneaky air toxins. A silent guardian. A watchful purifier.
  • Pet PSA: Non-toxic! But let’s keep leaves out of Fido’s menu, just in case.
  • TLC Tip: Keep those leafy patterns dazzling by wiping away the dust with a soft, damp cloth.

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Plant Only | or With Stoneware Pot

Plant Only, With Oatmeal planter


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