Calathea Zebrina


🌴 Meet the Exquisite Calathea Zebrina: Nature’s Artwork 🌴

The Calathea Zebrina, a magnificent spectacle from the lush tropics of Bolivia, is a true masterpiece of nature. This prayer plant, with its rhythmic daily routine, raises its leaves skyward as night falls, in a display that’s as enchanting as it is unique.

🌿 A Display of Patterns and Hues 🎨

At the heart of its allure are the leaves – a mesmerizing array of green patterns, mimicking the stripes of a zebra. Each leaf is a canvas, painted with deep, dark green tones that contrast beautifully against the lighter background. This bushy beauty is not just a plant; it’s a living piece of art.

🌱 Choose Your Zebrina’s New Home 🏡

To complement this botanical gem, we offer two distinctively crafted pot options:

  1. The Elegant Egg Pot: Approximately 18cm in size, this pot’s sleek, rounded design mirrors the natural curves of the Zebrina, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.
  2. The Chic Cylinder Ribbed Pot: Measuring 18cm in width, this pot boasts a contemporary ribbed texture, adding a touch of modern elegance to the Zebrina’s vibrant foliage.

Just pop in the notes your preferred pot option when you make your order, easy peasie !

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🌱 Calathea Zebrina: A Comprehensive Care Guide 🌱

1. Lighting Requirements: A Delicate Balance of Brightness 🌤️

Calathea Zebrina, a plant of subtle beauty, thrives in environments with medium light. Careful consideration must be given to its placement; bright, direct sunlight is a definite adversary, capable of scorching its delicate leaves. In the brighter rooms, a spot away from direct windows is ideal. During the less luminous winter months, Zebrina shows a remarkable tolerance to lower light conditions, gracefully adapting to the seasonal shift.

2. Watering Wisdom: The Art of Perfect Hydration 💧

The watering regimen for Calathea Zebrina is a fine art. This plant prefers consistent, modest hydration. Weekly soil checks are recommended to maintain the perfect moisture balance. Overly dry or excessively wet soil is detrimental. In the winter, reduce watering to once a week, ensuring the soil has dried adequately between waterings.

3. Humidity: Mimicking Tropical Bliss 🌿

Hailing from humid climates, Calathea Zebrina has an affinity for moist environments. To replicate its natural habitat, consider placing it near a humidifier, clustering it with other humidity-loving plants, or situating it in a bathroom where it can bask in ambient moisture.

4. Temperature: The Ideal Thermal Comfort Zone 🌡️

Calathea Zebrina’s comfort lies within the temperate range of 18-24°C (64-75°F). Maintaining indoor temperatures above 18°C ensures that Zebrina remains in its happy place, free from the stress of colder environments.

5. Fertilization: Nourishing for Growth 🌼

Encourage robust growth by fertilizing every 4-6 weeks from March to September. A critical note: dilute the fertilizer to a quarter of its strength to prevent root burn, ensuring a gentle but effective nutrient boost.

6. Repotting: Supporting Zebrina’s Vigorous Growth 🪴

Calathea Zebrina exhibits rapid growth during the spring and summer, necessitating annual repotting. This process gives it the much-needed space to expand. A tell-tale sign for repotting is visible roots at the bottom of the nursery pot – a clear indication that Zebrina is ready for a larger home.

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