Callisia Sweet Bubbles


Meet Callisia ‘Sweet Bubbles’: The Dainty Diva of the Plant World! 🌿✨

Dazzle your space or a loved one’s day with Callisia ‘Sweet Bubbles’! This charming trailing plant loves to show off with its occasional pink and cream party on the leaves. Want to keep the pink popping? Place it in a bright spot with indirect sunshine, and give those green-only leaves a little snip now and then.

💧 Pro-tip: Let this beauty quench its thirst only when the topsoil feels a tad dry. And when it’s in its prime growth mode? A splash of liquid fertiliser once a month is the spa treatment it craves!

Ordering just the plant? Expect this stunner in a 14cm sleek black nursery pot.

Gift Alert! 🎁 Pair ‘Sweet Bubbles’ with one of our handpicked ceramic pots to elevate your gifting game:

  • Chic White Egg Pot: A minimalist’s dream
  • Elegant Grey Egg Pot: For that subtle touch of class
  • Statement Large White Pot: Bold, beautiful, just like the plant it holds!

Get ready to win hearts, be it yours or someone else’s, with this splendid gift combo!

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