Cissus in Hanging Terracotta Pot


Cissus Ellen Danica is a lovely trailing or climbing plant with oak-like leaves.

She is also known as Oak Ivy or Grape Ivy, and features deep green leaves that are light bronze-green when young. Loves a warm and bright location.  No direct sunlight.

We’ve paired this houseplant with a hanging terracotta pot with stainless steel wires. There is no drainage hole. As with all terracotta pots, scuff or water marks may occur.  You can paint these pots any colour you like.

The plant is still inside its plastic nursery pot – we’ve simply placed it inside the hanging pot. Do not allow the plant to sit in water.

Pot dimensions: 24.5cm diameter x 16cm tall. The drop is 69cm including the height of the pot.

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