Costaricana Cluster Palm


For houseplant lovers looking for different texture to add to their plant family.

These Cluster Palms love a bright position with direct sunlight for part of the day.  They are super easy to care for as their bulbous base (not photographed) stores water.

We’ve paired these houseplants with a lovely Pillar pot.  Pot dimensions: 19cm diameter x 40cm tall.  Plant and pot combo around 1.5m.

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Plant Care

Protects and beautifies your plant naturally and safely without the worry of bad solvent smells.

One spray is all you need, to keep your leaves shiny for weeks.

One spray could cover an abundance of plants.

Don't delay, give your plant a spray!!


An easy to grow palm tree with abundant of  shoots, and slender, bamboo like stems.  A wonderful palm for bunching together  in groups, or ideal for use in designer gardens or along pathways.  The palm bushes out quickly and will create  a delightful, tropical vibe. Part shade to full sun works great for these palms, as long as they are sheltered. They are great to have indoors for limited room.