Croton ‘Petra’


Croton Petra is a elegant ornamental plant with beautiful leaf variegation and colour. The leaves have a shinny oval shape with arrow tips. They starburst a variety of colours, such as pink, red, oranges, yellows, light and dark greens – Just like skittles!! The leaf has veins which are a lighter green/yellow. Petra is a very popular Croton and is so beautiful that people cant believe they are real. Brighter up your room, life and environment with a Petra.

  • Current plant height 1.2m
  • Plant comes in a black 28cm plastic pot

**White Egg pot not included in the price, please see below link if you would like to purchase the Egg pot**

Bianca Egg Pot, 40cm

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They need plenty of bright light. Direct sunlight is best for this plant for a few hours a day. Do not leave in the scorching sun. They can handle low light levels, however, the sun brings out more colours.

Watering Requirements

Keep the soil moist but do not over water as they do not like too wet or too dry.

Temperature Requirements

Keep your Croton warm between 18-27 degrees and slightly on the higher end of humidity. Spray with water bottle once a week.

Feed liquid fertiliser at least once per month to assist with growth.

Air Purifying

This plant is great for indoor environments, as it filters airborne toxins.


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