Custom-made Compass Pot


Introducing our limited-edition 44cm black pot, uniquely customized with an elegant silver compass logo.

Elevate your living space with a design recommended by top interior designers. For a short time, purchase this pot and receive a complimentary plant care guide.

Choose to enjoy it pre-planted with a majestic 1.5m high Bambino and charming N joy plants or just the pot.

Every pot tells a story. Handcrafted with precision, our pots are a result of meticulous design considerations and an undying passion for botany

Join the exclusive group who’ve transformed their homes with this exceptional piece. The choice is yours, but remember, our custom designs are in high demand and limited in number. Don’t miss out!


Exclusive Custom-Made Compass Pot with Elegant Botanical Ensemble

Elevate your interior design with a touch of botanical elegance.


  • Pot: 44cm height, finished in a deep, luxurious black.
  • Plants: A stunning 1.5m Fiddle Fig Bambino taking center stage, flanked by two vibrant N joy plants.


  • Custom Compass Design: Each pot boasts a meticulously crafted silver compass emblem, symbolizing direction, adventure, and natural beauty.
  • Handpicked Botanical Pairing: The tall, robust Bambino with its rich green leaves is perfectly complemented by the lush foliage of the N joy plants, creating a balanced and refreshing visual delight.
  • Premium Quality: Made with top-grade materials, our pot ensures durability while offering an upscale look. The plants are guarantee healthy and thriving greenery.
  • Versatility: The pot’s neutral color palette and modern design seamlessly blend with various interior styles, from contemporary to rustic.
  • Choice is Yours: For those who appreciate design flexibility, our pots are also available without the plants, allowing you to curate your green ensemble.

Description: Indulge in a harmonious blend of design and nature with our custom-made compass pot. Its contemporary aesthetic, combined with a thoughtfully selected plant arrangement, transforms any space into a serene and stylish sanctuary. The pot’s deep black hue contrasts beautifully with the lush greenery, making it a focal point in any room. Whether you’re a seasoned botanist or a budding plant enthusiast, this ensemble promises to be both a visual treat and a testament to refined taste.

Additional information

Plants and custom pot or custom pot only

Plants and custom pot, Custom pot only


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