Daltons Premium Potting Mix


Transform your gardening with Daltons Premium Potting Mix, crafted for serious gardeners

This top-tier mix, perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants in containers, combines organic ingredients with essential fertilisers for unmatched growth.

Its unique formula includes:

  • Coco fibre for moisture retention
  • A wetting agent for even moisture distribution
  • Controlled release fertilisers for sustained nutrition
  • Guaranteed weed-free

It’s the professional’s choice in New Zealand for lush, healthy plants all year round!

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Introducing Daltons Premium Potting Mix – your ultimate solution for cultivating vibrant, healthy plants in any setting.

This expertly blended mix is specifically designed to cater to the needs of indoor and outdoor container plants, as well as serving as an exceptional garden soil amendment for ornamental shrubs and garden beds.

Crafted from 100% organic and renewable resources, our potting mix is infused with coco fibre, enhancing moisture retention and promoting robust root development. The inclusion of a wetting agent guarantees even moisture distribution, ensuring your plants stay hydrated and nourished at all times.

Daltons Premium Potting Mix stands out with its controlled release fertilisers, offering a complete nutrient supply for up to 10 months, so your plants thrive with minimal additional feeding. Our mix is not only guaranteed weed-free but is also the choice of professional nurserymen across New Zealand, proving its effectiveness in commercial settings.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, Daltons Premium Potting Mix provides the perfect foundation for your plants to flourish. Experience the difference with a potting mix that delivers on its promise of growth, health, and vitality for your garden.


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