Dracaena Anita


Relaxed Dracaena Anita has long thin leaves, providing a nice contrast to larger leafed plants such as Monstera or Fiddle Leaf Fig.

This easy-to-care-for Dracaena stands around 90cm tall including the height of the nursery pot. As it grows taller it will form a cane-like stem with a cluster of leaves at its top.

This house plant is happy in a warm room with bright indirect light (although it can be conditioned to brighter and moderate light conditions).  Rotate this plant regularly to encourage straighter trunks/stems.

OK to allow the top 1cm of the soil to dry out, but check that the deeper soil remains moist.

Supplied in a 25cm diameter black plastic nursery pot with drainage with plant only option.


Additional information

Plant Only | or Plant & Pot

Black Cigar Pot, Ivory Textured Amarillo, Plant only

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