European Fan Palm


The beautiful European Fan Palm is well presented giving that tropical vibe straight in your living room!  

We have beatified the European Fan Palm with our smooth Grey cylinder pot or the smooth White. If you just wanted the plant, that is also an option.

Pot dimensions: 26cm width 19.5cm tall.


  • European Fan Palm are the hardiest of palms.

European Fan palms are what they are know as but their real name is Chamaerops humilis. They are shrub-like clumping palm, with several stems growing from a single base. This dwarf, clustering palm is probably the most graceful of the fan palms and very easy to grow as they do not require a lot of care. They can be grown in the shade or full sun. It can be kept indoors and they are happy to be in full light or in a dimly lit room. A beautiful tropical palm is what every house-hold desires and by keeping her in a small pot she will not grow too tall. They are a robust palm with shoots that can be pointy and sharp so be careful when brushing past them.

If kept outside in a larger pot they can grow enormous

They are a slow growing palm in a container, so if you wanted to keep her short and stocky then leave her in a small pot.

Care Instructions:

  1. Position would ideally be Full sun.
  2. Water regularly whilst it is growing.
  3. They are Frost tolerate and can handle -9 degrees.
  4. Removing the  lower leaves that are tatty and dying will help new growth.
  5. Well-drained soil is best practice.
  6. Feeding: is best during growing season. Top dress with slow release fertiliser rather than using fast acting liquid fertiliser.


Additional information

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