Extra Large Kentia Palm


🌴🌞 Introducing the Majestic Kentia Palms: Your Green Oasis Awaits! 🌞🌴

Do you have tall ceilings and yearn for tropical grandeur in your living space? Get ready to transform your surroundings into a lush, tropical paradise. Say hello to our trio of delightful Kentia Palms, standing tall and proud at an impressive 2.2m – 2.5m meters. Housed in stunning 50cm pots and weighing a remarkable 40kg, these palms exude elegance and grace. 🌿🌿🌿

Don’t miss the chance to invite the elegance of Kentia Palms into your life. Create a captivating oasis in your home and let their soothing presence whisk you away to a paradise of relaxation and tranquility. 🎉🌿

🌴 3 Kentia Palms Planted in a 50cm Pot, Standing Tall at 2.2 – 2.5m and Weighing 40kg – Your Ticket to Tropical Bliss! 🌴

Bring Home Your Kentia Palms Now! (Limited stock available) **White pot not included**


With their striking height and significant presence, these Kentia Palms are not merely plants; they are majestic living sculptures destined to elevate your living space to unparalleled levels of beauty and sophistication. 🏝️🌴

🌞 Sun-Kissed Elegance: Towering beauties, these palms thrive in bright indirect light, radiating natural elegance into any corner of your home. As they mature, they can handle a splash of playful sun, akin to a seasoned sunbather absorbing just the right amount of golden rays. 😉

💧 Hydration Heroes: Despite their grand stature, our Kentia Palms enjoy being pampered with a refreshing sip when thirsty. Fond of moist, well-draining soil in warmer seasons, they won’t pester you for constant attention. A hint of dryness, and they’ll signal it’s time for a revitalizing drink – no soggy soil, please!

🌱 Growing in Style: Imagine a central new growth spike, slowly unfurling to reveal luxurious, curvaceous fronds, adding elegance to your space. Ideal for medium to large living areas or homes with soaring ceilings, these Kentia Palms infuse your rooms with green grandeur. 🏠🌿

🌿 Nourishment for Your Palms: These generous hosts thrive with a general-purpose fertilizer for containers during the lively spring and summer seasons. Just like a gourmet feast, the right nutrients will ensure your palms flourish with lush green vitality. 🍴🌿

🌡️ Warm Hearts & Chilled Vibes: Kentia Palms prefer warm, humid indoor settings to bask in the affection you provide. Yet, they are adaptable wonders, fitting into most home conditions. If you reside in frost-free northern NZ, they’ll even venture outdoors when shielded from chilly winds and harsh sun. Truly, a versatile companion for all seasons! ☀️❄️

Order your Kentia Palm today, and introduce a touch of tropical elegance to your surroundings!


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