Ficus benjamina


Big things come in small packages!

Ficus benjamina Lovely also known as the ‘Weeping Fig’ is a great minuture version of the taller Ficus. Admired for its gleaming foliage and tender mini branches. If your thinking about getting an artifical plant because you have no time or you dont have green fingers, then look no further then owning one of our Ficus Lovely trees. They require very low care and look and feel artifical, but they are as real as you and I. They are adaptable in terms of soil;  light and weather growing with both indoors and out in warm climates. Just to make this little beauty even better, it also filters toxins, purifying the air.

We have mixed the Ficus Benjamina Nikita and benjamina variegata to create a wonderful looking plant. Comes in a 26cm Egg pot in white.

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We have beautified the Ficus Benjamina Nikita and benjamina variegata

Pot dimesion: 12cm

Height 10-15cm

No Fragrant

No Cutflowers

No Fruits

No Edible

Location : Semi shade

Preferred: Soil Well drained soil

Fully grown in 5 years

Full grown height 60cm – 80cm

Mature width 30cm – 40cm

Not Poisonous


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