Ficus Benjamina


Ficus-Benjamina is a beautiful indoor house plant

It has a showy appearance with its lush and vibrant green colours

This Ficus-Benjamina is a miniture variety, which makes this a unique plant. Why not fill up that lonley corner with a wonderful display of elagance.

Key features:

  • Comes in a 25cm Belly pot (check out the ribbed vertical lines)
  • Plant and pot height around 80cm – 90cm
  • Coco fibre decoration included

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Welcoming the Ficus: More Than Just an Indoor Plant

Ficus trees, renowned for both their aesthetic appeal and air-purifying qualities, have secured a prominent place in homes and offices worldwide.

Despite their widespread popularity, these plants often challenge their caretakers with their finicky nature. But fear not! Transforming your ficus into a vibrant, long-lasting companion is simpler than you think.

Additional information

plant type

plant grades

Samantha in white pillar pot (white and green leaves), Weeping fig in white pillar pot (green leaves)


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