Ficus Louis


“Introducing our personal favorite, the Ficus ‘Louis’—a stunning variety with medium-sized green leaves that exude elegance, resembling a softer version of a green Rubber Tree.

Also known as Ficus cyathistipula Louis, this indoor plant thrives in a bright location with indirect light, appreciates moderate humidity levels, and benefits from regular watering.

In our current plant stock, you have two size options to choose from. The first stands approximately 110cm tall from the bottom of the pot to the leaf tip, while the second measures 150cm and comes in a stylish 40cm Grey self-watering pot.

To create a lush and bushy effect, both sizes are double planted, ensuring a visually appealing addition to any space.”

*** white pot not included in the second photo****

Bianca Cylinder Pot, 34cm

Perfect for an indoor feature plant.

This Scandi style Bianca Cylinder Pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass.  It is warm white and has a smooth speckled stone-like texture.

Pot dimensions: 34cm diameter and 33cm tall.  Internal diameter (hole) at top is 28cm.

We have sealed the drainage hole of this pot so it can be used a cover pot for an indoor plant.
**Plant not included**

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