Ficus Monique in Grey


Bright green Ficus Golden Monique in a tall grey pot.

This is a variety of the classic Weeping Ficus featuring fine bright green foliage that adds colour and softness to interior spaces.  The leaves are slightly variegated with wavy edge.

Position this tree in a warm draft-free room with bright light – an hour of two of direct sunlight per day is OK. Water only when the top of the soil feels dry. Mist leaves regularly with water as this plant likes humidity.

There are three plants per pot for a bushy effect.

We’ve paired this Ficus plant with our tall grey pot which has a matt stone-like surface. It is made of a lightweight mineral-fibreglass composite. Pot dimensions: 41cm diameter and 45cm tall.

Dimensions including plant: 50cm wide x 110cm tall approximately.

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