Ficus Ruby


Variegated green tones and blush accents make Ficus Ruby so darn pretty!


Height of plants is 50cm approximately and in a 14cm pot.


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The Ficus Ruby is a tropical plant with its origins from Malaysia and India. They have found their way into most household homes due to its marvelous prettiness. The Ficus Ruby will bring some deep tranquility into any environment to uplift the spirits  of your daily mood.


This double stem Ruby Rubber Tree with multi-colour variegation. They need a warm spot with bright indirect light to retain its lovely variegation. Rotate regularly so all her beautiful leaves receive bright light.

They will survive infrequent watering and in colder climates they would require even less watering. Water only when the top of the soil has dried out. If there is any run-off, then tip the run-off out, as sitting in the water can cause root rot.

Frequently fertilize with nutrients and they will love you for it. The bigger the leaves the more nutrients they will require, so keep an eye out.

High humidity is more more preferred, therefore,  60 – 70% works really great for the Ficus Ruby. If in a low humidity environment. It may be a good idea to mist the leaves with a water spray bottle.

The Ficus Ruby is an absolute dust magnet, that are good for purifying the air and helping you breathe better. However, don’t let them accumulate too must dust as this can block them absorbing  light, therefore, hindering their growth.

You can wipe the leaves frequently with a damp cloth to rid the dust. Alternatively, you could use a leaf shine product. Leaf shine will help remove the dust but also enhance the glow and eloquence of the Ficus Ruby.

Overall, if cared for appropriately and give a little love, the Ficus Ruby will show a faster growth. The Ficus Ruby’s beautiful colours  will shine through with obvious happiness by their leaves pointing up.


Additional information

Plant height

140cm tall