Fiddle Leaf Fig in Marino Pot


A Fiddle Leaf Fig in the elegant white Marino pot.

Perhaps the coolest indoor plant in the world right now, tropical Ficus Lyrata has very large upright veined leaves shaped like a fiddle.

He thrives in a warm spot with bright light (but not direct sunlight) and likes regular watering (but not over-watering).  OK, he is a little fickle but we still LOVE him.

Note: there is 1 plant per pot.

We’ve paired this Fiddle with the elegant Marino Pot which is made of high quality ceramic and is 100% waterproof.  It has a glossy finish. Pot dimensions: 27cm diameter x 31cm tall.

Dimensions including plant: 50cm wide by 90cm tall approximately.

*** Photo coming soon.  If you purchase this plant before the photo is published, we’ll send you a picture before delivery. If you’re unsatisfied based on the picture, we won’t dispatch the order and will refund your purchase.  But you won’t be disappointed! ***

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