Fiddle in Cigar


Certainly! Here’s a lively and engaging description for the Fiddle Leaf Fig, paired with a Cigar cover pot:

🎻 Unleash the Vibrance with the Famed Fiddle Leaf Fig! 🎻

Meet the superstar of the plant world – the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig! Known for its enchanting leaves, veined and shaped like a melodious fiddle, this tropical delight, also known as Ficus Lyrata, is ready to serenade your space with style and grace.

Fancy a warm embrace from the tropics? Place this beauty in a warm spot with bright light (but shy away from direct sunlight) and shower it with regular watering. The Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives on love and attention, just like a true diva!

Currently rocking the stage at a height of 130cm to 150cm, from the bottom of the pot to the tip of the leaves, this plant is set to take your breath away. It’s not just a plant; it’s a statement piece, a conversation starter, a touch of tropical splendor.

But wait, there’s more! 🌟 We’ve paired this botanical superstar with a Cigar cover pot. This elegant container is made of lightweight plastic, flaunting a lovely matte finish that echoes sophistication. The pot dimensions of 40cm and 77cm high make it the ideal stage for your Fiddle Leaf Fig to shine.

Imagine it now: the striking green leaves, the alluring pot, the undeniable charisma of the Fiddle Leaf Fig gracing your home. It’s a match made in tropical heaven!

Make a bold and stylish choice today. Let the Fiddle Leaf Fig dance its way into your heart and home, and watch as your living space transforms into a lush, vibrant haven. Your tropical retreat awaits – no passport required! 🌴💫

**Pot also available in white**

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