Golden Pothos in White


Pothos is a great option if you’re looking for a lush trailing plant.

Golden Pothos is a vine with green heart shaped leaves that are flecked with yellow.  It is super easy to care for and fast growing.

This is a plant with many names including Devil’s Ivy, Money Plant, Epipremnum Aureum and Scindapsus Auream.

We’ve paired this vine with our white planter. This minimalist plant pot features straight sides and a tapered base that sits neatly into a deep matching saucer.

Pot dimensions: 17cm diameter x 14.5cm tall.

*** Current plants have shorter vine length than photographed. Vines are around 25cm long but growing fast ***



Golden Pothos: The Epitome of Verdant Luxe for Modern Homes

Introducing the Golden Pothos – where nature’s splendor meets modern elegance. Let its heart-shaped emerald leaves kissed with golden specks cascade gracefully, becoming the center of attention in any room. It’s not merely a plant; it’s an experience of nature’s artistry.

Renowned for its adaptable spirit, the Golden Pothos brings green serenity to your space without demanding constant attention. Perfect for those just stepping into the world of plant parenting or seasoned plant enthusiasts looking for a fuss-free addition to their collection.

But what’s in a name? You might have heard it being adoringly called Devil’s Ivy, the prosperity-bringing Money Plant, or by its botanical monikers – Epipremnum Aureum and Scindapsus Auream. Each name capturing a facet of its multifaceted beauty.

To further elevate its majestic tendrils, we’ve nestled it within our minimalist white planter. This artisan-crafted vessel boasts of sleek straight sides, merging seamlessly into a tapered base. And what lies beneath? A deep, matching saucer ensuring your verdant companion remains hydrated, yet never waterlogged.

Detailed Planter Specifications:

  • Material: Premium Ceramic for lasting durability.
  • Design: Contemporary minimalist, blending with diverse interiors.
  • Dimensions:
    • Diameter: A generous 17cm.
    • Height: A poised 14.5cm.

Gentle Reminder: While the Golden Pothos you receive might have vines measuring approximately 25cm, be prepared to witness a mesmerizing growth journey. Much like nature, it promises surprises and unbridled beauty as days go by.

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