Heart Leaf Philodendron


The Heart Leaf Philodendron is the perfect indoor plant for a shelf or hanging pot.

This gorgeous trailing vine is super easy to care for.  It’s also known as the Sweetheart Plant, Heart Shaped Philodendron, Philodendron Scandens or Cordatum.

The current variety is Philodendron Scandens.

Likes a bright warm spot but with no direct sunlight. Water only when the top of the soil has dried out slightly. This plants also appreciates being misted with room temperature water.

Supplied in a 17cm diameter black plastic nursery pot.

*** White pot not included in price ***

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Introducing the Heart Leaf Philodendron – the quintessential indoor plant ideal for adorning shelves or cascading gracefully from hanging pots.

Renowned for its splendid trailing vine adorned with heart-shaped leaves, this plant not only enhances your interior aesthetics but is also incredibly forgiving and effortless to care for. Commonly revered as the ‘Sweetheart Plant’, it goes by various names including Heart Shaped Philodendron, Philodendron Scandens, and Cordatum, signaling its popularity and wide acclaim.

Our current offering is the coveted Philodendron Scandens variety, recognized for its vibrant green foliage. It thrives in well-lit, warm spaces but is resilient enough to avoid direct sunlight.

To ensure its longevity, water the plant only once the soil’s top layer is slightly dry, and occasionally indulge it with a mist of room temperature water to emulate a tropical ambiance.

Each plant comes housed in a sturdy 17cm diameter black plastic nursery pot, ready to become the centerpiece or discreet charm in any room.

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