Karaka Tree


Go Native !!!  

One of our favourite growers has just released the NZ Karaka Tree as an indoor plant, triple planted for a bushy effect.

The Karaka Tree – also known as Corynocarpus laevigatus or the New Zealand Laurel – has been long-loved by US interior plantscapers for the sculptural qualities of its foliage and branches.

And what’s not to love!  The Karaka Tree features glossy green oval leaves and is tolerant of moderate light (eg 2m to 2.5m from a window).  Keep soil moist but not wet and fertilise regularly, particularly during warmers months.

Please note: the seeds of this tree are poisonous, although it is unlikely to fruit indoors.

We’ve photographed it alongside a Tall Long Leaf Fig for contrast. The Karaka Tree example is on the right hand side (RHS).

Can be tamed to be kept relatively narrow and upright, where space is a challenge.

Supplied in a 25cm black plastic nursery pot with drainage.  Current plant height is around 80cm including the height of the pot.

*** Price is for the Karaka Tree only. ***

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