Kentia Palm 40cm, Triples


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🌴 Kentia Palm Extravaganza! 🌴

Meet the diva of the botanical world: our fabulous Kentia Palm! Standing proud at an impressive height of 1.8m to 2m above the pot, this green beauty doesn’t just bring the tropics to your doorstep; it rolls out the entire beach!

Housed in a 40cm pot and lovingly triple-planted, this palm ensures thrice the lushness and thrice the charm. Each frond sways with an elegance only the Kentia can boast, promising to transform any corner of your home into a breezy island getaway.

Thinking of making a statement? Well, this palm doesn’t whisper; it screams luxury and tropical vibes!

🚫 Heads up: While this palm is a showstopper, the pot’s a separate gig. Remember, the price tag’s all about the palm, not its pot. 🚫

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Bianca Egg Pot, 50cm

Perfect for a feature plant indoors or on the patio.

This Scandi style Bianca Egg Pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass.  A warm white or matt white available .

Refer to pot with the plant in picture. Pot dimensions: 50.5cm diameter and 39.5cm tall.  Internal diameter at top is 47.5cm.

Plant not included.

Either available with a drainage hole OR sealed for use as a cover pot for an indoor plant.  Please state your preference in the delivery instructions.