Kentia Palm 30cm, Triples


This beautiful and elegant Kentia palm is in a 30cm pot and it is triple Planted, 1.3m to 1.4m tall above the pot. Beautiful and elegant palm.

**Pot not included in the price**

In stock

Bianca Cylinder Pot, 44cm

Perfect for a large indoor feature plant.

This Bianca Cylinder Pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass. It is warm white and has a stone-like matt finish.

Pot dimensions: 41.5cm tall x 44cm diameter at the widest point. Internal diameter (hole) at top is 36cm.

Sealed for use as a cover pot for an indoor plant.  Make a note in the delivery instructions if you intend you use this pot outdoors.

*** Refer to the pot with the tree in the main photo. Plant not included in price ***

Also available in black and grey.

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