Kentia Palm in Tampa


🌴 Welcome to Paradise in a Pot! 🌴

Get ready to transform your space into a tropical oasis with the Kentia Palm, a sublime beauty that dances with graceful fronds and whispers of balmy beach escapes.

Meet the Howea Forsteriana – a name as exotic as the palm itself! This fun-loving plant thrives in a warm environment and basks in bright indirect light. But don’t let its lush looks fool you; this palm is as easy-going as a day at the beach. Water it weekly, and let the top of the soil dry out a little between drinks. That’s right; this plant loves to play hard-to-get!

Standing at an impressive 110cm, including the nursery pot, our current plants are the perfect choice for those who prefer a more intimate tropical flair. They’re less busy than the larger Kentia’s but just as captivating.

And now, drumroll, please 🥁 … Presenting the fabulous white Tampa pot, measuring a sleek 35cm and standing 50cm tall! It’s eye-catching, unique, and the perfect partner for your Kentia Palm. This dynamic duo will make you the talk of the town (or at least among your plant-loving friends).

Fancy a tropical vacation every time you walk into your room? The Kentia Palm in its chic Tampa pot is your ticket to a perpetual holiday. So grab your sunglasses and a good book, and let’s bring the beach vibes to your home!

Love your plant, cherish the vibes, and enjoy a daily dose of paradise. Your Kentia Palm awaits! 🏝️💚


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