Marble Queen* in Hanging Pot


Elevate your foliage. Marble Queen paired with a white washed terracotta hanging pot.

Scindapsus aureus ‘Marble Queen’ is a lovely trailing or climbing vine with green heart shaped leaves that are variegated with cream.  **Current plants are well established and the longest vines in the pot are over 70cm long – possibly too long for gifting.

This vine needs a warm and bright spot near a window, but out of direct sunlight.  Allow the top of the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Take care not to overwater Scindapsus and check to make sure pots aren’t sitting directly in water.

Maintain good humidity by lightly misting leaves with water – a good tip for all of your indoor plants (except succulents and cacti).

We’ve paired this houseplant with a hanging white washed terracotta pot with stainless steel wires. There is no drainage hole. As with all terracotta pots, scuff marks and water marks may appear with normal use.

The plant is still inside its plastic nursery pot – we’ve simply placed it inside the hanging pot. Do not allow the plant to sit in water.

Pot dimensions: 24.5cm diameter x 16cm tall. The drop is 69cm including the height of the pot.

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