Meryta Sinclairii


If you’re craving the top-heavy Fiddle Leaf Fig look that’s almost impossible to find in NZ, consider Meryta Sinclairii.  

Also known as the NZ Puka.

With very large leaves similar to the Fiddle, the tall ‘Paddle Leaf Puka’ has been a favourite of our design conscious business clients for a while.  So now we’ve put them online for all to enjoy.

Direct from the grower, these Meryta Sinclairii’s have lived a sheltered life under shade-cloth and protected from wind so they are in excellent condition. They thrive indoors in a warm and bright spot with some direct sunlight for one or two hours a day.

Current plant stock is already 1.4m tall and growing fast.   The trunks are nice and straight from 10cm above the soil (some have a slight kink just above the soil line).

28cm pot.

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