Metallic Palm (Chamaedorea Metallica)


Meet the Metallic Palm: Your Low-Maintenance, High-impact Roommate!

Key features:

  • Rare palm in New Zealand
  • Hardy as a Cast Iron plant , offering an appealing metallic shine
  • Ideal for thriving in shaded areas
  • Adds a taste of paradise for apartment and city dwellers
  • Comes potted in a stylish white egg or round pot, offering versatility for any space
  • Warning: May induce extreme happiness and evoke tropical vibes


The Metallic Palm (Chamaedorea Metallica)

This Metallic palm is a gem of a plant for the indoors, whether your home is big or small and regardless of light conditions; it’s quite tolerant. No wonder that the Metallic Palm loves an urban-based environment that has its own set of cozy corners and spaces of shades, as opposed to traditional set images of the grand sunny beach settings painted by other palms. It’s not just tough; it’s a spectacle, with dark blue-green leaves that boast a mesmerizing metallic sheen when moist.

Topping at a soaring height of up to 5 feet, this plant has an almost noble carriage by virtue of its fishtail-shaped leaves, softening its haughty demeanor and earning it the affectionate nickname “miniature fishtail palm”. It flowers very rarely, and it is then a joy to behold—with bright orange inflorescences giving way to small fruits that later become small black ornamental fruits.

Roughly looking like the hardy cast-iron plant but with a tad more pizzazz, the Metallic Palm stands testament to pretty ladies that do well in very little light. Its slow growth implies that it is a mate for the long term and would not need constant repotting. Totally worth the investment. Great to brighten up some of those dull spots in the house or to be used as some kind of living piece of art in the living space. It comes paired with a timeless white egg pot, fitting into absolutely any style of decor. Whether you’re looking to split it for gifts or create a striking display, this palm is ready to transform your home into a tropical sanctuary

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