Mini and medium Bird of Paradise


The green-blue leaves of the mini and medium Bird of Paradise plant, gives your space an instant tropical vibe.

These plants deliver to the Palm Beach trend and are a great alternative to the messier Banana Palm. This variety is Strelitzia Nicolai, the Giant Bird of Paradise.



The mini and medium bird of paradise is one of the most marvelous and empowering flowering plants that you will ever come across; these flowers are native to South Africa and are commonly referred to as the Crane Flower. They could grow very high and very fast if given the right kind of conditions and environment. Their leaves are also giant and almost paddle-shaped. During ancient times, it is said the leaves were used to fan down individuals in really hot climates.

Care instructions:

The stem of this plant is very easy to take care of, and it is a very good choice if you are looking for a towering houseplant. The flowers it produces are most likely exotic and showy, much like a tropical flight bird. However, since it needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, interior flowering is not likely to happen.

Bird of Paradise is recommended to grow indoors in a bright indirect light condition but can survive at a low level of light too. If placed outside, then direct sunlight will help the Bird of Paradise grow quickly. Therefore, part shade-part sun is ideal.

During winter, water the plant every two weeks or once in a month by feeding it with plant fertilizer. Let the soil be dry in between watering to avoid over-watering, as it might cause root and pests to appear.

Non-toxic to animals, as some do love gnawing on these plants.

There are two grades to choose from:

  1. A mini Bird of Paradise plant with 20cm round pot
  2. Medium Bird of Paradise Plant in a 23cm black plastic Nursery Pot (approximately 6L). Plant height from top of pot is to 90-110cm tall




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