ONE ONLY: Ms. Margi in White


The last of these lovely Hubsch pots paired with an elegant Dracaena

Ms. Margi – as we like to call her – is our refined Dracaena Marginata option.  She has green spiky leaves atop thin straight trunks.  The leaves have a fine red edge.

Dracaena’s are very easy to care for.  They love a warm bright room and a position close to a window.  Water when the top of the soil has dried out.

Plant height is 125cm approximately.

The Hubsch Cylinder Pot – 30cm diameter – is made of lightweight polystone with a colour and texture that is reminiscent of warm white concrete. By Danish design house, Hubsch. The walls of this pot is approximately 7mm thick. The saucer is cosmetic as this pot has no drainage hole.

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