Macho Fern


Introducing the stunning Grand Boston Fern – a true marvel that will add a touch of elegance and charm to any space! With its long, lush green fronds, this beauty is perfect for hanging baskets or proudly displayed on a plant stand or stool.

Elevate your indoor garden with this exquisite fern and watch it flourish in a humid room with bright indirect light. Regular misting with water will pamper this beauty and boost humidity, ensuring it thrives in all its glory.

Please note that the Grand Boston Fern is not suitable for (shallow) wall shelves as it grows broad and long. Give it the space it deserves to showcase its full splendor and become the focal point of your green oasis.

To top it all off, this young plant comes stylishly presented in a sleek black Zurich planter, just like the one you see in the captivating photograph.

Transform your home or office with the enchanting Grand Boston Fern – a botanical masterpiece that exudes beauty and sophistication. Order yours now and experience the grandeur firsthand!


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