Palm Tree


This palm tree is also known as a ‘King Palm‘. A beautiful tropical palm tree that stands 1.6 to 2m tall.

This palm tree is perfect for places with tall celling’s and wanting that look of the rainforest. We have paired this giant of a Palm Tree with our 44cm Bianca Cylinder Pot in this photo.

Let nature give you the purifying air you need and acquire that tropical vibe in your life today.


This Palm Tree is a graceful, beautiful palm with silver undersides to the fronds and with a white and grey trunk.

  • They are happy in full sun to part shade
  • Placed outdoor with bright indirect light
  • Sheltered positions would be ideal as they hate to become waterlogged
  • Keep these palms well watered during growing phase

They can grow to 6m high, but this would take 10 years. They look great in groups.

**Pot not included in the price**

Additional information

plant grades

Large grade, Medium grade, Tall height


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