Peace & Purity in Ceramic


Looking for the Perfect Gift? Say Hello to the Extra-Large Peace Lily! 🌿🎁

Imagine gifting a breath of fresh air (literally!) with our stunning Peace Lily in a choice of trendy ceramic pots. Not only is this beauty a green-thumb’s dream, but it’s also Mother Nature’s little air purifier, waving goodbye to toxins and ushering in refreshing oxygen.

But wait, there’s more! Our current star, the Peace Lily ‘Sensation’, sports impressively big, lush leaves. Perfect for flaunting on a chic low bench or stylish unit. And just to make things special, we’ve nestled a single, luxurious plant in the pot, so it stands out in all its glory.

And for the grand reveal? Every so often, this gem flaunts a delicate, Cobra-shaped white flower. A little surprise for your loved one!

Care is a breeze! Place it somewhere sunny (but not direct sun), give it a drink a couple of times a week in the summer, and once in the colder months. And if you’re feeling extra kind, treat it to some diluted liquid fertiliser when those pretty flowers pop up.

Pot Decision Time: Dive into our delightful pot choices below and pick the perfect throne for this green queen!

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