Peace Lily in Ribbed Planter


Introducing our Stunning Giant Peace Lilies!

  • Magnificent Peace Lilies, around 1 meter tall
  • Includes stunning Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’ (Neon Pothos)
  • Comes with a stylish Ribbed Planter (55x68cm)

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These magnificent Peace Lilies are sure to leave you in awe. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 1 meter, they are a lush addition to any space. What’s more, they feature the striking Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon,’ also known as the Neon Pothos.

To complete the package, we’ve paired this exceptional plant with a generously sized Ribbed Planter, adding a touch of elegance to your space. Pot size 55x68cm.

The Neon Pothos, a close relative of the Pothos family, shares similar care requirements. This vibrant plant thrives in a warm environment but dislikes consistently wet soil. Its new leaves emerge in a brilliant neon lime hue and gradually transition to a rich emerald green, creating a captivating ombre effect over time.

Apart from their stunning appearance, Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) are renowned for their remarkable air-purifying qualities. They excel at removing toxins from the air and releasing fresh oxygen, making them an excellent choice for enhancing indoor air quality.

For optimal growth, ensure your Peace Lilies are placed in a well-lit, warm, and draft-free location. Watering them twice a week is recommended, but be cautious not to expose them to direct sunlight, as they prefer indirect light.

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