Peperomia in White


Peperomia Dahlstedtii is a lovely trailing plant with almond shaped striped leaves.

Position this indoor plant on a shelf (or similar) in a warm room with bright indirect light.

Watering lightly once a week or when the top of the soil has dried out slightly, ensuring the soil doesn’t get soggy.

Liquid fertilise monthly during warmer months for an extra boost.

Choose Your Pot: Personalize your Peperomia Dahlstedtii by selecting from our pot options:

  • Option A: A sleek round white pot, perfect for a clean and modern aesthetic.
  • Option B: Our stylish Zurich ceramic pot, offering a blend of elegance and durability.

Please indicate your preferred pot choice in the order notes.

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Introducing the Peperomia Dahlstedtii, a charming trailing plant that adds a touch of nature’s elegance to your indoor space. With its unique almond-shaped leaves adorned with eye-catching stripes, this plant is a true visual delight. It’s an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts who appreciate subtle beauty in their foliage.

Ideal Positioning: Elevate the beauty of your home by placing the Peperomia Dahlstedtii on a shelf or a similar spot where it can cascade gracefully. This plant thrives in warm environments bathed in bright, indirect sunlight. It’s perfect for adding a splash of green to well-lit living rooms, studies, or bedrooms.

Watering Requirements: The Peperomia Dahlstedtii prefers a balanced watering routine. Aim to water it lightly once a week, or wait until the top layer of the soil feels slightly dry to the touch. Be mindful to avoid overwatering, as soggy soil can lead to root issues.

Monthly Nourishment: During the warmer months, give your Peperomia Dahlstedtii an extra boost with monthly liquid fertilization. This regimen encourages robust growth, ensuring your plant remains vibrant and healthy.

A Note on Varieties: The Peperomia Dahlstedtii bears a striking resemblance to its cousins, the Peperomia Puteolata and Peperomia Angulata. However, its distinctive striped leaves set it apart, making it a unique addition to any plant collection.

By choosing the Peperomia Dahlstedtii, you’re not just selecting a plant; you’re inviting a piece of nature’s art into your home.

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